Spring Concert 2017

Voices of Light

– by Richard Einhorn

A work for chorale and orchestra featuring 1928 silent film, The Passion of Joan of Arc, an electrifying experience of music and film.

March 11 at 7:30 p.m
& March 12 at 2:00 p.m
Campus Theatre, Lewisburg view google map


Composer Richard Einhorn had this to say about his inspiration for Voices of Light,

“I was idly poking around in the film archives of New York's Museum of Modern Art, looking at short avant garde films, when I happened across a still from JOAN OF ARC in the silent film catalog. In spite of a deep love of cinema and its history, I had never heard of either the director or the film, but since my friend Galen Brandt had suggested that I do a piece about Joan of Arc at some point, I asked to take a look at it. Some 81 minutes later, I walked out of the screening room shattered, having unexpectedly seen one of the most extraordinary works of art that I know. I immediately began to plan the piece about Joan of Arc that my friend had suggested.”

Einhorn further explains how the Passion of Joan of Arc inspired his composing. “My goal was to attempt a
stand–alone work that would speak to various aspects of Joan's life and legend. As I was developing the piece,
I recalled my studies of medieval musical practice, in particular the multi–lingual motets that I love to listen to.
The notion of a work of art with simultaneous layers of text struck me as a medieval idea that was also delightfully modern as well.”

“Since Joan heard voices, I knew the work would have singing, but what would everyone sing? I did a considerable amount of research into the history of Joan's life and persona and began to explore the rich body of literature written by female mystics from the Middle Ages. I decided to create a libretto that would consist primarily of excerpts from these writings, chosen for their beauty as literature and also for their relevance to themes in Joan's life. In addition, I decided that all the words sung in the score would be in ancient languages (Latin, Old and Middle French, and Italian).”


The Campus Theatre has limited seating. Be sure to get your tickets now. You can purchase them here online,
by phone at the SVC office 570-547-0455 or at the door.
Parental Guidance Suggested

Sponsor: Woodcock Foundation for the Appreciation of the Arts, Inc.
Co-sponsors: Anne & Tom Gates; Mifflinburg Bank & Trust Co.
Underwriters: Brad Miller & Cheryl Stayton; Hank & LaVina Truslow

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