“Heartiest Congratulations to Honors Choir”

lettertoeditorLetter to the Editor, published in the Daily Item on 5/9/15:

Heartiest congratulations to the Selinsgrove Area High School Honors Choir on their exciting upcoming performance at Carnegie Hall. What an achievement to be recognized nationally and to sing a world premiere work under renowned composer and conductor John Rutter!

These students should be very proud of their accomplishment. Their practice, determination and skill have paid dividends.  Congratulations, also, to their director Kathy Bartol whose efforts led to this opportunity. She is one of many dedicated school music educators in the Valley who create long-remembered music experiences for their students.

I am reminded continually of the wealth of choral and instrumental experiences in our Greater Susquehanna Valley created by school districts, universities, regional and community groups, and individuals. Musicians of all ages are challenged to perform with excellence, and we in this region benefit greatly.

If you are among those students who have had a taste of excellence in music performance, please continue your music participation beyond your school years. Our regional music groups are composed of early music lovers just like you, and they’re waiting for you to join them!  They already know that continuing to make music with others can make life joyful.

Anne Gates
Susquehanna Valley Chorale Board of Directors

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