A Review of Symphonic Masses: Past and Present


“The music felt like waves crashing and it swept me away with its beauty.”

“In a world of chaos and politics, this was a wonderful and peaceful break; a breath of fresh air.”

These were the words from audience members over the weekend as the Chorale debuted its season opening.  The pieces blended beautifully, and the acoustics that the Midd-West high school auditorium offered allowed for the chorale’s voices to soar!

Chorale members shared enthusiastic comments made to them about the two connected (both are Masses) yet strikingly different (nearly 200 years separates their creation) choral works.

Alto Margaret Weirick said, “A friend told me that as she was listening to the Sunrise Mass she felt as if she was being transported on a wave dsc_1590and finally ended up floating on a cloud.” Margaret Abbott, who is a Chorale member but played with the orchestra for the performance commented, “My husband and I ran into a friend after the concert. He told us the Gjeilo was so moving it brought tears to his eyes.”

“Our priest attended the concert Saturday night. He is new to the area, so this was his first time to hear us. He was amazed at how beautiful we sounded,” said Tom Mauer, Bass. Soprano Andrea Halpern shared, “I ran into two people who came on Sunday deliberately to hear the concert again after hearing us on Saturday night.”

“The performances reminded me how strongly the power of music can inspire and transform lives. It was a privilege to help create beautiful sounds made by our exceptional and talented singers and orchestra. The level of commitment from our many sponsors, underwriters and subscribers is so very much appreciated and I am grateful for the enthusiastic support we receive from our faithful audiences,” said our conductor and music director Bill Payn. He is, indeed, helping fulfill the mission of the SVC to “inspire a love of great chorale music” by selecting such uplifting and unique pieces.

Thank you all for being a part of our Fall performance. Our performances are only possible with your support.

The second concert of this season, the popular Candlelight Christmas, is scheduled for December 10 at 7:30 PM and December 11 at 3:00 PM in Sunbury’s Zion Lutheran Church.

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